Oftentimes when visitors are stuck between wanting the luxury of a vacation cabin rental, or at least something more than a motel typically offers without sacrificing the convenience most motels and hotels in the area offer, the best choice for finding middle ground is a condo resort in the Smokies.

Never been to a condo before? A condo is basically a vacation apartment that you rent or own and, again, bridges a gap between the efficiency of a motel and the royal but expensive qualities of a vacation house. They are between 600 sq. ft. to 1,200 sq. ft., well furnished with their own kitchens, jacuzzis, separate bedrooms, living rooms, personal balconies and much more. Many condo resorts in the Smokies these days are competing with cabin companies for visitor interest, and they don’t pull out the stops when it comes to amenities, comfort, and options. There are some in the area that even offer their own water parks!

A condo resort is a great option for visitors wanting to bring the family to the Smokies for holidays and have enough room and kitchen to cook without having to worry about everyone finding the house way out in the backroads. Here are some recommendations for condo resorts near Townsend to consider for your vacation.

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Additional Listings:

Riverstone Resort & Spa
212 Dollywood Ln
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Whispering Pines
205 Ogle Dr
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Mountain Meadows Resort
2813 Rolling Hills Dr
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Laurel Crest Resort
2628 Laurel Crest Lane
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Big Bear Lodge and Resort
410 Big Bear Way
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee